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MALADY MADNESS Expansion Pack for OrganATTACK!

$ 15.00

Introducing MALADY MADNESS, an expansion pack for OrganATTACK! that takes your gameplay to the next level with all new cards to create even more chaos!

The expansion pack allows you to add up to 4 new organs to the game, including the highly demanded FAT, which until now was only available with the plushie. MALADY MADNESS also introduces the MESENTERY, Diaphragm, and Ear along with corresponding afflictions. 

A MUST OWN for any OrganATTACK fan! Just shuffle it into your existing deck and enjoy!

Contents: 1 Team Play rules card and 31 new playable cards. 
OrganATTACK base game is required to play. 

Recommended for ages 8+

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