OrganATTACK! Medical-themed Tabletop Card Game by The Awkward Yeti
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The object of OrganATTACK is to remove your opponents' organs before they remove yours. The last person to still have at least one organ is the winner! Use related afflictions to attack your opponents (for example, playing Gallstones on Gallbladder or Thyroiditis on Thyroid). The game requires absolutely no medical knowledge and only takes about one round to learn. 

OrganATTACK was produced thanks to the help of nearly 13,000 Kickstarter backers! And thanks to them, the first edition of the game includes the Ready Player 6 Expansion Pack, which contains an extra 4 organs, corresponding afflictions, and lots of fun new cards! Ready Player 6 makes a great addition to the deck whether you want to play with more people, or just want to bring more excitement to the game.

For more information about the game including videos about how to play each type of card visit

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