"The Fork" Mug
"The Fork" Mug "The Fork" Mug
$ 15.95

Adult Responsibilities or Utter Nonsense?  The way you drink your coffee can determine which way you're headed.

Is it basic black coffee, or even tea?  Maybe a meager serving of sugar or a splash of cream, soy milk, almond milk or other sensible liquid?  You're definitely headed in Brain's direction. 

But, if your coffee is more flavored creamer than coffee, with clouds of foam and rainbows of condiment shakers, with sugar swizzle sticks swimming around in it - wait a minute, did you even remember to pour coffee in that cup?  You're most likely following Heart.

In stock item that ships from the Awkward Yeti store.  Please allow 3-5 business days for domestic delivery, and 2-6 weeks for international. 

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