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OrganATTACK Game Ultimate Party Pack

$ 110.00

Get ready to party with the OrganATTACK Ultimate Party Pack! You get the complete OrganATTACK Collection including 2 expansion packs and all 6 OrganATTACK Plushies!

Comes with:
-OrganATTACK Base Game - Medically Accurate, fast-paced and laugh-out-loud FUN!
-Teams Expansion Pack - Now you can play Team vs Team!
-Malady Madness Expansion Pack - More Organs, more Afflictions and more FUN!
-All 6 OrganATTACK Plushies! Common Cold, Necrosis, Bubonic Plague, Cancer, Outbreak and Lab-Grown Organ!

A great gift for Medical Pro's, Game Lovers, and anyone with a sense of humor!