Holiday Special Edition Heart Plush with removable Elf hat & "Bat Heart" Cape and Cowl

$ 28.95

This brand new version of the beloved Heart character is bigger, happier and more lovable than ever! 

This version of Heart includes a Special Edition removable "Bat Heart" cape and cowl for those moments when Gotham needs you. This special package also includes a removable Holiday Elf hat (second image shows what Heart looks like with the mask and cape removed).

The Heart plush is approximately 6" to the top of Heart's head when seated, making it a great size for a bookshelf or desktop. 

Cotton/poly, plastic beads on bottom for weight. US Safety tested and approved for ages 3+

Please note that this plush is not capable of vigilante justice. (or is it?)

Shipping takes 3-5 business days for domestic delivery, 3-6 weeks for international to allow for customs processing.  


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