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$ 40.00


Get the Awkward Box before it’s gone! 

$40 for an $80 value!

Ready to get Awkward?! How about getting a box full of goodies where you are guaranteed to get an organ (plushie) inside of a limited-design organ transplant cooler?! Then the Awkward Box is perfect for you!

This cooler is perfect for carrying your lunch, beverages or anything you’d like to keep cold. This is not an approved organ transplant cooler - and why would you even have an actual organ? Why even?!

Every Awkward Box comes with a limited-design organ transplant cooler AND an organ plushie, along with an array of delightful surprises - all valued at $80!

NOTE:  Boxes will ship the week of May 21st.

Mystery Box Rules:

At the Awkward Store we say, “there’s no rules!”  But our legal team says, “there’s lots of rules!”  So:

  1. Each Mystery Box WILL contain a plushie AND an organ cooler (8" x 6" x 6").  The rest…a MYSTERY (valued at $50).
  2. Mystery Boxes may NOT be returned or exchanged.  If you do not enjoy being surprised, you probably shouldn’t buy a box full of mysterious surprises.
  3. You MUST share a picture of your Mystery haul on social media.*

*According to our legal team, must is a strong word.  Therefore, we’d love you forever if you posted your haul using #theAwkwardBox.