Brain Plushie with Flowers
$ 23.95

We're not quite sure who wrote the book of love, but we're pretty sure Brain has read it - several times.  It probably says something about giving friends and loved ones flowers on special occasions.  But giving them an actual brain (plushie) with a bouquet makes you a smart and savvy gift-giver.  Whether they've won the spelling bee, chess tournament, Nobel prize - or perhaps their everyday brilliance deserves recognition - Brain with flowers says, "You're smart, and I noticed." 

This version of Brain with book (7" tall and approximately 9" wide) has a removable bouquet of 3 flowers (flowers are 4.5" tall).  Cotton/poly, plastic beads on bottom for weight. Made in China. US Safety tested and approved for ages 3+

Shipping 3-6 weeks for international to allow for customs processing.  


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