Happy Gallbladder Plushie
Happy Gallbladder Plushie Happy Gallbladder Plushie
$ 19.95
Look at that smile! Happy Gallbladder maked something just for you and wants to come home with you to live in eternal (ignorant) bliss.  Be a pal, play along, and display this skilled mason with precious stones in your home or office.  Or else…this little organ will turn into a Sad Gallbladder (also for sale on the Awkward Store).
Happy Gallbladder is a 6” tall plushie filled with poly/cotton and beads in the bottom to keep it sitting upright, and does not function like a real organ.  In fact, it doesn’t function at all.  Unless you count its ability to transport you to a place of ultimate happiness and joy.
Comic not included (just for reference).
Allow 3-6 weeks for international orders to allow for customs processing.  

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