Irritable Bowels Plush [Pre-order]
Irritable Bowels Plush [Pre-order] Irritable Bowels Plush [Pre-order]
$ 24.95


Remind yourself of your digestive troubles every day with this charming Irritable Bowels plushie! 

Approximately 9.25 inches tall (when sitting) x 12 inches wide, this Bowels plush is the biggest in the collection and makes a great addition to a coffee room, bathroom or thinking chair.

Cotton/poly, plastic beads on bottom for weight. US Safety tested and approved for ages 3+

Fiber not required.

*Note about pre-order items: your entire order will be held with your pre-order item. If you want to receive other items earlier please order them separately. New plushes are expected to ship at the end of February 2017.

** Item does not include separate print of comic ** 

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