#theAwkwardBox - Garage Sale Edition
#theAwkwardBox - Garage Sale Edition #theAwkwardBox - Garage Sale Edition
$ 25.00


Garage Sale Edition:Take 2! We're clearing out our garage to make space for new items. In this Awkward Box, you will snag AT LEAST 3 items:

2 or more Awkward Yeti Items: A mix between new store merchandise (could be games, plushies, books, apparel, signed sketches) and one-of-a-kind samples, discontinued items, merchandise used in photoshoots, and more! 

1 Office Thing: Something off our book shelf? A dream catcher? A sad plant? A lamp? Photoshoot props? May or may not be sketched on/signed by artist Nick Seluk!

NOTE:  Allow 5 days for order processing.

Awkward Box Rules:

At the Awkward Store we say, “there’s no rules!”  But our legal team says, “there’s lots of rules!”  So:

  1. Each Awkward Box WILL contain AT LEAST 3 products (categories mentioned above).
  2. the Awkward Box may NOT be returned or exchanged. If you do not enjoy being surprised, you probably shouldn’t buy a box full of mysterious surprises.
  3. You MUST share a picture of your Awkward Box haul on social media.*

*According to our legal team, we can't make you do this. Therefore, we’d love you forever if you posted your haul using #theAwkwardBox.