1.5" Character Buttons

$ 2.50

These buttons measure 1.5" in diameter and sport a classy matte finish. 

Now available for individual purchase, or roll the dice with five random buttons for a nice discount!

A limited number of full sets are available and include all 20 buttons (see second image). 

Possible characters include Heart, Bat Heart, Brain, Lars, Doctor, Tongue, Evil Tongue, Spleen, Stomach, Kidney, Liver, Gallbladder, Baby Gallbladder, Thyroid, Eye, Derpy Tooth, Bowels, Platelets, Pancreas, and Bladder. This list and availability may change at any time.

NOTE: When ordering a random set of buttons, there are no guarantees...that's why it's called "random." You can, however, rest assured that they will be five different designs.

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